Top 5 Travel Pillows for Long Flights on Amazon, According to Reviewers

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While they may not be considered the most glamorous accessory, the use of an excellent quality neck pillow on a long-haul flight can be game-changing. The average long-haul flight is between 6 to 7 hours, with the probability of falling asleep on said flight increasing the longer the duration. The consequence of traveling without a neck pillow? An individual without a travel pillow will probably wake up with a neck cramp that can last for days after the flight and could leave you with a negative experience of your trip abroad. According to reviewers on Amazon, we have compiled a list of the top 5 travel pillows for long flights to avoid the pain of neck cramps.


EverSnug 2 in 1 Travel Pillow & Blanket


Retails for $27.95 on

The EverSnug travel pillow and blanket is (at the time of writing) the highest-ranked option on Amazon when sorting by the average star rating by reviewers. They make this versatile product with plush micro-fleece yarn, and with an added strap, the passengers can attach the pillow to the handle of your suitcase for easy transportation. The compact and easily stored nature of this travel pillow received many positive comments in purchasers’ reviews, with one particular reviewer commenting that “it was awesome not having to use up space in my suitcase” when storing the pillow. Many reviewers commenting that the addition of the pillow strap to store the product over the suitcase handle made the pillow “very convenient when traveling.”

The adaptable nature of this travel pillow is one of the key selling points to this product as one reviewer explains, “the blanket kept me warm on the plane, and when the blanket is folded into the pillow, it is also comfortable” with another reviewer adding that when the item is not being used as a blanket, “it easily can double as a soft pillow to sleep on.”


YOOMEISHALY Memory Foam U-Shaped Neck Pillow


Retails for $14.79 on

When picturing a travel pillow, most people would envision the traditional u-shaped neck pillow that fits securely around the back of your neck. YOOMEISHALY currently (at the time of writing) has the highest-ranked u-shaped neck pillow on Amazon (according to the average reviewer rating). The major selling point of this product is that it is lightweight, made of 95% memory foam, and comes in various colors.

The high comfort level that the pillow provides because of its memory foam makeup is a clear selling point for this product, with several reviewers commenting on how “very soft and comfortable” the product is, and how this neck pillow “has nice memory foam and is very comfortable.” The primary concern often linked to memory foam products is that the item may not be as sturdy as needed. One reviewer commented that the neck pillow’s material was “thicker and more substantial” than the neck pillows they have used before, confirming that this product does not suffer from this issue.


NAPFUN Upgraded Memory Foam Neck Pillow


Retails for $19.99 on

Like the YOOMEISHALY u-shaped neck pillow, NAPFUN has created its own neck pillow but with a difference. Incorporated within the u-shape are various supports designed to ease the pressure on the user’s neck and chin whilst they are asleep to ensure that while the user is asleep, their head does not fall forwards. While the YOOMEISHALY neck pillow is only transportable in its u-shape design, the NAPFUN neck pillow can be rolled into a smaller shape and contained within a small bag the size of an iPhone without the product being damaged.

The added neck and chin support to the NAPFUN neck pillow has been well-received in the product reviews. One of Amazon’s top ten reviewers commented this neck pillow “actually gives some support where many of the competitors are so soft they really can make your neck hurt.” While other reviewers commented they could “face forward without straining their neck.” As well as the neck pillow, you also receive an eye mask and a set of earplugs. These additional products further won over reviewers who commented that the additional products were an “A+” and that they “would definitely buy again.” Another reviewer adding that the added extras were “a nice touch.”


HoodiePillow The Memory Foam Hooded Neck Pillow


Retails for $29.95 on

As we have already mentioned, neck pillows are not considered the most glamorous in-flight accessory, but there is a neck pillow for everyone. The HoodiePillow is the perfect alternative for travelers who would feel uncomfortable wearing a traditional u-shaped neck pillow as the HoodiePillow has a hood attached to the top of the neck pillow, making it more concealable and not as noticeable.

The addition of the hood for styling seems to have been successful, as the HoodiePillow is the first product on our list that has received praise for how it looks aesthetically. One reviewer commented that they “love this style of the pillow,” with other reviewers remarking that wearing the neck pillow was “like a sweatshirt.” Aside from the aesthetic benefits, many reviewers say the hood provided them with a degree of “creating a little privacy” as well as “blocking light” when the user is trying to sleep.


Happy Headrest Travel Pillow


Retails for £24.97 on

This final travel pillow option is very different from the four we have already mentioned, as the Happy Headrest fits on to the seat in front of you (on the plane) compared to the others that fit around your neck. This allows the user to face down when they are attempting to sleep on the plane without having to use the in-flight table that is usually uncomfortably low and can cause back pain. The Happy Headrest is also the only neck pillow option on our list that has received 100% 5-star ratings (at the time of writing).

The Happy Headrest received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with many stating that they “highly recommend” the product and expressing that they “will not go on any long flights without it.” As they designed the product as an alternative to using the in-flight tray table as a headrest, many reviewers that previously used this method found the Happy Headrest a better alternative. As one person details, “I am someone who usually used the tray table as a pillow on an airplane, so this is a huge improvement.” Another reviewer commented that the Happy Headrest was “so much more comfortable and convenient” than using the in-flight tray table. The Happy Headrest may also be the perfect alternative for those that do not find the traditional u-shaped travel pillow comfortable. As one reviewer stated, they “typically sleep on my stomach, so when I fly, it is almost impossible for me to sleep sitting down. I bought one of these and just got my first real nap on a flight in years.”

There are many travel pillows available on the market for long-haul flights, whether it is a traditional u-shaped pillow or a more innovative option. When you travel on a long-haul flight, you do not need to risk neck pain by not purchasing a neck pillow because you believe there is not one right for you. Whether you typically sleep on your stomach or require extra support, there are travel pillows to cater to your every need.

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