Top 5 Hardside Luggage Sets on Amazon, According to Reviewers


Over the years, there have been many debates about which type of suitcase is better, softside or hardside? The drawbacks of hardside cases have always been clearly stated (mainly being the lack of expansion and the probability of the case being scratched), hardside luggage suppliers have worked to develop cases that will not suffer from these known disadvantages. Now, most hardside cases are protected against scratching and come with an expandable zipper section. These extra features are added to the increased security and better protection of your belongings, characteristics that we know hardside cases are known for (above softside). Purchasing a hardside case is more practical and the better option. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 5 hardside luggage sets on Amazon according to reviewers, with each set offering its own benefits and selling points.


Amazon Basics 20″/24″/”28″ Hardside Luggage Set


Retails for $166.29 on

The first luggage set on our list is from Amazon’s Basics brand, known for affordable but well-made products. While there are no added extras to this luggage set, each suitcase comes with all the necessary features, such as four spinner wheels, a hard shell with a scratch-resistant finish. These suitcases can expand to give the user an additional 15% packing room.

With the suitcase working out as costing $55.43 each, understandably, the set’s reasonable price is what drew in its sales. With many reviewers commenting that “you can’t beat the value for the price” and even those customers skeptical about purchasing from a basics brand were won over with one customer commenting “this set is very robust, well-made, definitely recommend it” and another reviewer commented that “they stood up to the test of the baggage handlers and came out with no damage.” With you are looking for a standard hardside luggage set that is not overly expensive, this one may be for you.


Ben Sherman Norwich Collection 20″/24″ Hardside Luggage Set


Retails for $221.00 on

The Ben Sherman luggage set is the only option on our list: two suitcases, perfect for people who choose to travel lighter. This two-piece luggage set was also the highest-ranked set (by reviewers), with a well-known designer brand attached, reflected in the price. While the suitcases come with additional protection, such as the molded corner guards designed to shock absorb any impact that the suitcases may occur in transport, the main difference between this designer luggage set and its non-designer counterparts is the luxurious finishes that have been added. These include the union jack embossed wheels, brand engraving on the zippers and the front of the cases, as well as the patterned lining inside each case.

These fashionable finishing clearly won over many customers, with most of them commenting on how “very nice and stylish” the cases were and that they were “great quality.” One reviewer even went as far as to remark that this set was the “best luggage I’ve ever owned. Quality”. A common theme seen across reviewers is that many had purchased the suitcases as gifts for someone else. One reviewer declared the suitcases were the “perfect Christmas gift,” with another reviewer commenting that they purchased the set for their son for Christmas and “was a little jealous” that they didn’t have the set themselves. If you regularly purchase designer goods or looking to treat yourself or someone else, then perhaps the Ben Sherman suitcases are right for you.


Samsonite Omni 20″/24″/28″ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set


Retails for $263.25 on

The most expensive set on the list comes from the Samsonite Omni luggage set. While having many features seen in most hardside luggage sets, the Samsonite set has some innovative added extras. The main featuring being the TSA locks on each case, which is designed so that only the owner or a TSA agent can enter your suitcase, providing additional protection to belongings. They also make the set with quality materials, including micro-diamond polycarbonate, extremely scratch-proof, and incredibly light-weight.

Many reviewers that purchased this suitcase set were frequent fliers. Whether they part-take in “countless trips” every year or go “touring around Europe,” all of them were looking for good quality suitcases that would stand the test of time. It would appear that the high-spec materials used in the Samsonite set passed the test, with many reviewers commenting positively on how “sturdy” the cases were. One reviewer, in particular, remarking that the cases did not have “a single scratch or dent, no sign of wear, and it was easy to travel with – rolled smoothly and easily, sturdy handle.” If you are someone that often travels, perhaps investing in the Samsonite luggage set would be the best option for you.


COOLIFE Hardshell Lightweight Four Piece Luggage Set


Retails for $169.99 on

If you are looking to purchase new suitcases for all the family, then the COOLIFE four pieces set might be the perfect choice for you. At just $41.75 per suitcase, this luggage set is a practical and affordable option for those needing to purchase suitcases for multiple people. While they may not be made with the same materials, the COOLIFE suitcases come with similar features to the Samsonite ones, including the TSA-approved lock, providing security to all your personal possessions.

As you get four suitcases within one set, purchasing the COOLIFE luggage set as a family was one of the most popular reasons reviewers purchased this set. Most reviewers commented that the suitcases were “sturdy” and “easy to maneuver,” with one reviewer commenting that “they were easy to maneuver, even for my five-year-old.” Of course, if you are purchasing this set with the intention of children using them else well, it is key that they can wheel their own suitcase when traveling.


Rockland Safari 20″/24″/28″ Hardside Luggage Set


Retails for $142.68 on

The final suitcase set in our top five recommendations is the Rockland Safari set. This option is perfect for those that prefer personalized suitcases with more decoration than a basic color block. Common stress caused when traveling is when you cannot spot your luggage on the baggage claim after your flight. Many people choose to purchase suitcases with unique designs to avoid checking multiple suitcases to see if they belong to them. The Rockland Safari suitcases would be the perfect hardside luggage set for that type of traveler.

Due to the various colorful designs, the aesthetic look of the suitcases was the primary reason most reviewers purchased this set, with most commenting on how they “love the print” and thought that the suitcases were “cute” and received “tons of compliments” on them. As expected, most reviewers remarked that the suitcases were “easy to spot” at the baggage claim and how “you will never mistake someone else’s bag for yours again!” Aside from this, many reviewers commented that the suitcases were “good quality” and “very sturdy” and that the suitcases overall were “well-made.”


As you can see, there is a hardside luggage set out there for any traveler on different budgets. Whether you’re a family looking for a budget-friendly luggage set or prefer designer branded luggage. Perhaps you are a regular traveler and wish to spend more money to ensure a longer suitcase life, or you want a heavily patterned and colored suitcase to be your perfect travel accessory. No matter your requirements, there is a luggage set out there for you.

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