Top 5 Best Digital Luggage Scales on Amazon, According to Reviewers


We all have experienced it most of the time. While standing in the queue, when our turn comes in, the host asks us to remove some of the items from the bag, or they charge an extra amount as the weight above limits needs to be reduced. It has happened to most of us while packing the kinds of stuff we take extra clothes or stuffs thinking ‘just in case we party’ or ‘for that holiday.’

Traveler requires pieces of equipment for their camera to flaunt their pro editing skills and cinematography to attract the viewers, likewise to carry them, we need bags with big spaces. Consequently, it adds weight to the luggage. Have you ever got trapped in lame situations like these? Moreover, leaving your valuable things willingly or paying extra bucks like that is painful. You regret you could have been more careful while packing and had kept only the important ones or wish you could have owned one of the best digital luggage scales.

Measuring the luggage weight will become much easier as the technology has advanced and brought out portable and affordable luggage scales which are precise. Your knowledge will be enlightened with the 5 handy digital luggage scale suited for your requirements in this blog. Along I will share the reviews quoting the customers from amazon for your satisfaction.


Etekcity Luggage Scale


Retails for $9.99 on

This one has a high precision capacity with 10g to 50kg, LCD with night vision, and thermometer temperature sensor in both F° and C° to keep a check if the luggage is kept at an ideal climate. It has more meaningful features like; auto-off functions, overload, battery low indication, and automatically locking the weight results. Etekcity is one of the best Digital Luggage Scales on Amazon that has managed to satisfy customers and gained pretty positive comments of 4.7 ratings from more than 20 thousand buyers till now.

This product has a premium quality as every customer that has purchased it till now says, “this is worth the money,” “This little luggage scale is the bomb. It is very accurate and lightweight while holding my 50 lbs suitcases that I’m taking on my vacation without any problems. It’s smaller than I expected, which it’s great because I can take it with me on my trips and it won’t occupy space in my luggage. The battery that comes with it is good too and easy to find anywhere. I won’t have any problem replacing it once it expires. I’m very satisfied with this purchase. This product is a lot better than other luggage scales I’ve found, accurate, sturdy, easy to use, lightweight, and affordable price.”


FREETOO Luggage Scale Portable Digital Hanging Scale


Retails for $11.99 on

This one has the highest ratings among Amazon’s top-selling Digital Luggage Scale; FREETOO has stolen the show with 4.6 ratings from its customers. It is a stress-free travel companion that compliments your needs, FREETOO Luggage Scale is the simplest way to check your luggage weight, as this helps avoid the surprises of excess baggage fee and embarrassment at the counter to re-pack your things.

Every customer is satisfied because it measures the weight of up to 110lb/50kgs capacity. This review from a customer will make it clearer when choosing this product, “I chose this luggage scale based on its slim design, central display readout, ergonomic shape, and minimal weight for travel.” “This is great for making sure you don’t have to pay those overweight baggage fees. It’s reliable and accurate. We tested it on multiple weights to make sure and added 1 pound at a time to luggage for tests, and it all read correctly. Great buy before you check in your bag”.

In addition to its features, this thing has a battery inside, LCD, measures with accuracy, easy to carry, auto-power off in the 60s to save battery, and it is designed with a superior piano lacquer handle with a sleek surface that possesses unbroken qualities.

So, you don’t want to let your travel companion slip, do you?


Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale


Retails for $10.99 on

Letsfit Luggage scale weighs 84 grams with dimensions of 5.79 x 1.3 x 0.79 inches. It is made of a material called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This scale’s fine-designed quality has an ergonomic shape for convenient handling the capacity of 50kgs/110lb.

This product serves its all-purposes. Quoting one of the 4.7 reviews, a happy customer says, “It is a good weigh scale! It’s so small, doesn’t take much space to store, unlike my old scale. I’m a frequent international traveler, constantly need to worry if the check-in luggage is overweight. With this scale, I can travel around with it and weigh my stuff anytime, anywhere. I tested the weight result showed – it is accurate”.

“It is sleek and comfortable to hold in your hand. The small hook on the strap is easy to fit through any handle your luggage may have. My weights are not calibrated, but the scale measured within .4 lbs on the lower weights, and when I picked up the 50 lb weight, it displayed 49.1 lbs. That is really close and definitely precise for luggage. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a luggage/suitcase scale”.

With the adjustable strap, one can lift the bag with any handle. The LCDs auto power off, data lock function with sound indication, and metal lock makes it more convincing to buy.

The choice is yours! Choose Letsfit or stress over it.


Amazon Basics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale


Retails for $9.62 on

Amazon Basics is proved to be one of the best products on Amazon, which comes with push-button control to switch between units of measurements (kg or lb). It provides you quality features like a flexible strap that can handle the weight of up to 50kgs and is reviewed by buyers as “good quality and compact to carry it along.” Its customers purchase this product to avoid last moment issues and deal with discrepancies. Their experience said for this product, “I took this with me overseas without first testing its accuracy at home. So I was really worried when reading reviews stating that the measured weight could be off by as much as 5 pounds and that my scale was showing that my suitcase was already at 49.2 pounds the night before my returning flight. It turned out it was pretty accurate based on what I saw at the airport when checking in the luggage. And this is easier to use than my last scale, which has a hook. I would recommend the scale!”.

Well, you have it. Every buyer cannot lie!


Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale


Retails for $13.97 on

Alright! I will directly start with quoting,” The scale is well designed with a very comfortable fit in hand. Approximate length ~5-6″ handle with a 12″ long nylon mesh fabric tether which includes a 3/4″ wide, flat ~18-gauge Stainless Steel grab hook with rounded corners. Digital scale with 3 weight-choice configures options. The strap wraps easily around the handle creating a small, storable package that weighs a matter of ounces. Easily portable.”

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale comes with sturdy stainless steel to lift bags more easily. The buttons and night vision display’s smooth functioning makes it attractive and pretty handy to take it along on long trips. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by a lifetime warranty, LCD, auto shutoff, and not to give you a headache. It contains a long-life lithium battery.

I hope this blog helped you in deciding whether to purchase it or not, but in my opinion, I advise you to go for it. I researched amazon products and saw countless happy and satisfied customers using an advanced quality digital luggage scale which is pretty beneficial for your trips at such an affordable price.

Be it business trip, honeymoon, a holiday, or any digital luggage scale never disappoints you, however owning a digital luggage scale is not a big deal instead, it saves time from adjusting your belongings from the bag at the airport, it saves money when you have accurate weighing of your luggage, the stress is reduced and a most important one it is very convenient to carry anywhere. So, there is nothing to overthink about it, or you can ignore, but buy one of the best luggage scales online to make your trips more fun and budget-friendly.


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