Floating Sunglasses For Men – The List of the Best

We are on vacation in a tropical country. We are on a boat and enjoying the water. The sun does not blind us because we have good glasses, on which we spent a lot of money. However, in the moment of inattention, they fall into the water. Since they do not float, we are forced to say goodbye and buy some new ones.

Taught by that experience, if we have heard that there are floating ones, then we will buy them. Let’s find the right ones – the best floating sunglasses for men.

What should they be like? What should they have? Which are the best ones? The answers to these questions could be found here.

What should they be like?

They should be:



easy to clean,

polarized – to protect our eyes to UVA & UVB rays,

lightweight and comfortable – so you can wear them all day long without issue.

What should they have?

They should have:

scratch-resistant coating – which makes them more resistant to scratching,

special sealed air chamber – so they can float,

vent – so they won’t fog up easily,

soft rubber earpieces – so the glasses won’t slide,

soft rubber nose pieces,

hole for sunglasses strap – so the glasses won’t fall,

composite lens – to be thin, lightweight, and impact-resistant.


The list of the best

Based on the following criteria, in search of the best floating glasses, we searched Amazon. We have selected the best-ranked ones whose listed characteristics have been confirmed by customers. Here we convey their impressions and experience.


Wind Rider Sunglasses

The buyers say that these sunglasses are great for boating and other water sports. They float great, they are reflective, have a fair price, no fogging, etc. “As someone sensitive to sunlight, they worked amazing,” says one of the buyers.

However, this customer’s words telling enough how good are these sunglasses in practice: “I live in Hawaii and paddle-board for several hours almost daily. I bought these sunglasses for many reasons, including the fact they float. They are holding up very well. The polarization is excellent because I can see the reef and the fish. They are dark enough that I want to put them right back on when I take them off. The coating really helps because I no longer have issues with sunscreen on the lenses.”

Some of the customers don’t recommend them for driving because they make things darker while losing contrast. Therefore, reading display with them can be an issue.


Rheos Coopers Sunglasses

The customers’ common opinion is that they are clear, very comfortable, fit perfectly, without excessive pressure. “We chose to go with this brand after reading reviews and looking at the styles available,” says one buyer.

Another one testifying the next: “l was wake surfing and glasses fell off when I fell. The crew on the boat saw them nearby and picked them up—no more glasses at the bottom of the lake. Wifey can’t complain about losing my shades anymore”.

While some customers say they are definitely worth the money, some others consider that they are expensive. Some others also claim that they are not durable enough.


Hornet Watersports Sunglasses

Perfect for watersports, nice designed, comfortable, provide good protection from the sun, not too expensive… those are the common impressions from the buyers.

The words of this customer are a good example of that: “I recently lost a pair of sunglasses in the lake that I had for 8 years and have had a very difficult time finding sunglasses to replace them that fit well. I have tried on dozens of high-dollar sunglasses looking for a replacement, and nothing has matched the comfort of the old sunglasses I lost. I decided to order these since they float to use when I am on the lake. I like the design and look of the sunglasses, and most importantly, they are the most comfortable sunglasses I have found since I lost my old pair”.

Some of the buyers are not satisfied with the quality of materials. One of them also claims the next: “the hinge pin screws have started to rust after swimming in the ocean.”


Rheos Bahias Sunglasses

The customers emphasize that these sunglasses are light, comfortable, fashionable, fit perfectly, have a high quality of lenses, etc. “I really should be getting a commission helping sell these glasses. I’ve had no fewer than ten people ask about them after seeing me toss them around in the river and watching them float until I grab them again”, says one satisfied customer.

However, the remark from one customer is: “Nice fit but keeps falling off the head when not wearing due to them being so light.”


Sea Specs Sunglasses

The common opinion of the buyers about these sunglasses is that they are the best for water sports.

“Worked perfectly while kiteboarding and stayed on my face even after multiple wipeouts. For the most part, I stayed clear of water and did a great job even when I was looking directly up at the kite, which was pretty much next to the sun”. These are the words from the customer who has a wise oracle user name.

While some customers like how the head strap works, others don’t like his cloth material.


Bomber Sunglasses

Of all the above glasses, these are the youngest on the market. For now, they don’t have a lot of reviews, but they have the highest rating.

According to the above criteria, they are made by a reputable manufacturer, and therefore they also deserve to be on our list.


For more details about the glasses, visit the site Amazon. We hope you will choose the ones that suit you best, which are to your liking. We hope we have helped you at least a little with this article.

Also, if you have any feedback about this text or any questions, please leave it in your comments below.

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