Electronic Devices for More Pleasant Trip

Whatever kind of the trip is, it is difficult to go smoothly, if we do not have some of those electronic devices with us, for which sometimes we think that they will only take up space in our suitcases.

However, if we just stopped on that idea, then we did wrong. But, if we thought about that little bit more, we did well, because there are many reasons to take them with us.

At the same time, there doesn’t need to be a lot of reasons. They must be serious ones, no matter how many there are. It would be enough to mention that electrical devices, in addition to making our trip more fun, certainly contribute to our safety and keep our devices alive, without which it would be much harder for us to be functional. To not be convinced of that more heavily, here are a few lines about some of them.


Headphones or Earbuds


                Wireless, so that the cables don’t bother us.

It is a very useful tool, not only because of the ability to listen to music, audiobooks, or watch a video. Anyone who, in addition to their car, also traveled with some other kind of transport, knows that due to circumstances, it is possible to hear something that can be fun, useful, smart…

But what to do when you are not in the mood and do not have the desire to listen to someone’s conversation, and you are forced because of the simple fact that you have ears?

When I only remember one such situation, from my return from Munich by bus. Near me, the speaker is persistently trying to win as much attention as possible with his sermon to convey his wisdom and life experience to as many passengers as possible. It would have been much nicer for me if I had headphones then, but I didn’t…

Universal Chargers

One of the first things that I, and for some reason also and my mother and wife, always check to have l took it with me; along with a wallet, passport, and mobile.

To carry more different chargers with us, there are universal chargers with more inputs to solve this problem if we have more devices.




We will easily charge our mobile phones when we get somewhere, but if, for some reason, our battery is weak while we are still in transport, then universal portable chargers are also available to us. They are also suitable for any phone or device, and some of them even for a laptop.



Selfie Sticks with Tripod

I don’t know about you, but when I have to go somewhere, almost always l think: “I will not take a lot of pictures there.” However, when I get there, in addition to – to have some photos as a memory, other categories are also inevitably appearing, such as: ‘come on this – come on that, it would be a shame for that not to be pictured, I have to send this to my family to see, etc.

Some pictures are blurry, sometimes not everything can fit in the frame, and I remember how during one hike, my friends and I had to look for stones to use to support the phone, which we set to take a picture of us.

With a selfie stick with a stabilizer, you don’t have to take pictures only of yourself. With it, you will be able to record almost everything you want much better, with the possibility of it being from a different perspective.




If you travel somewhere far away, the following things will also come in handy across the ocean.

Universal Travel Adapters

Its purpose is to help our electrical appliances connect an electrical outlet with a different shape in many countries. It would be nice if it is the same everywhere, but since it isn’t, we also need this little gadget, which is also universal.





Voltage Converters

The shape of the power outlet is different in some other countries and also the voltage. Therefore, if you are in some countries and want to use your shaving accessories, hair straightener, or other stronger device, you will need to have a converter.

When I traveled to Cancun (my first trip to North America), I didn’t know it then, and I thought I knew a lot. Therefore, to shave with my electrical riser, which I had brought, I had to look for a converter.

Some, who came ‘from there’ in Europe, not knowing the voltage difference and not having a converter, damaged the installation in the accommodation they rented because the voltage is stronger in Europe. I did well because I didn’t damage anything.


There are other useful things that, depending on the trip, are good to have with you, such as digital luggage scale, Go-Pro camera, GPS device, kindle reader, portable speaker, solar charger, DSLR camera, etc. Together with these devices that have been written about here, all of them do not take up much space in the suitcase. Therefore, there are no cons reasons not to have them with us on our trip.

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