Best Collapsible Water Bottle for Travel, Purchase Criteria

As water bottles at the airport usually range from $ 3 to $ 4, in markets from 50 cents to a dollar, due to the need to quench our thirst, the cost of water on our trip can cost us a great deal.

Anyone who has thought about it at least a little, or experienced that on travel, is in search for a bottle that will save him costs and not take up much space in his luggage.

The best solution for that is certainly a collapsible water bottle suitable for travel.

 How to choose the best one?

There are a lot of brands. Searching for the best bottle took me all day to review everything and decide which one would be the best to buy. After many comparisons and reading experiences from the buyers, I opted for the Platypus collapsible water bottle (1 liter), and I can say that I am very satisfied with it.

But others were worth mentioning and paying attention to. I present them to you, together with the criteria who helped me to decide which bottle to buy.

In my search for the best bottle, I relied on the important criteria for this purchase and customers’ impressions about this product.

As for the criteria, I considered the next:

1. price, size, weight, material, and design.
2. unique features, capacity, and perks.

As for customers’ impressions, l considered their opinion about material, design, quality, portability, durability, customer support, and pros and cons arguments.

One of the crucial things that were also important to me for this purchase was the safety of the bottle, namely BPA-free,
which has every bottle on this list of mine.

I also considered the rating of products on Amazon and the percent of five stars review by the product.

The list of the best collapsible water bottles

Here is the list of the best of them on Amazon, with all matured criteria from above:

1. Platypus Soft Bottle with Closure Cap

Check the price on

2. Manlycamp Collapsible Water Bottle

Check the price on

3. Survivor Filter Collapsible Canteen

Check the price on

4. Vapur Water Bottle

Check the price on

5. Platypus Platy 2-Liter Ultralight Bottle

Check the price on

6. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof Twist Cap

Check the price on

7. Farielyn-X 2 Pack Collapsible Water Bottle

Check the price on

At the end

I made my decision to purchase a collapsible water bottle, which l like. Your ordering is, of course, a matter of your preferences and taste. On Amazon or the manufacturer’s website, you will find a more detailed product description and more impressions from customers. My advice is to read the reviews of those customers who rated the product with four.

I hope that this text will help you choose and buy a bottle that you will be satisfied with.

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